Assignments of Engineer Abdlellatif


1. This device is used to measure the heat given off by chemical reactions.  


  a. calorimeter    
  b. colorimeter    
  c. Dumas bulb    
  d. Erlenmeyer flask    


  2. If Cw equals 4.184 J/(gxoC), how much heat does 235 g of water gain when its temperature rises from 20.4oC to 39.6oC?  


  a. 18.9 kJ    
  b. 6,630 J    
  c. 0.438 kJ    
  d. 1.27 × 106 J    


  3. One Calorie equals _____________.  


  a. one kilocalorie    
  b. one calorie    
  c. one joule    
  d. one BTU    


  4. A coal-fired power plant converts ___________________.  


  a. chemical energy to electricity    
  b. geothermal energy to electricity    
  c. electricity to wind energy    
  d. kinetic energy to potential energy    


  5. Any time energy is produced or is converted from one form to another, some is lost as _________.  


  a. heat    
  b. hydrogen and oxygen    
  c. mass    
  d. temperature    


  6. The typical maximum efficiency of a coal-fired power plant is ______________.  


  a. less than 40%    
  b. between 50% and 60%    
  c. between 60% and 70%    
  d. greater than 70%    


  7. These two elements catalyze reactions that remove pollutants in typical automobile catalytic converters.  


  a. gold and silver    
  b. iron and copper    
  c. molybdenum and sodium    
  d. platinum and rhodium    


  8. One calorie is equal to 4.184J. How much energy in joules is supplied by a breakfast bar containing 170 nutritional calories?  


  a. 170 J    
  b. 711 J    
  c. 1.7 x 10 5 J    
  d. 7.11 x 10 5 J    


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